[TV Review] Prison Break: Progeny

Warning: spoilers ahead

Well, in hindsight, my plea in last week’s review for Michael to come home might not have been such a good idea after all. The road back to home and happiness is fraught with much difficulty and danger, because the universe hates the Scofield and Burrows brothers. The episode is aptly named, seeing that we had to painfully watch as Michael’s intellectual capacity and cunning is impeded by his concern and excitement at seeing Mike Jr. Also, with regards to the revelation that Whip is T-Bag’s son, like who saw that coming? Not me. I had to sit down.

Apparently, Michael did some digging into Whip’s background when recruiting a partner, discovering that he was the result of a one night stand T-Bag had with a waitress in 1991. Whip had an innate ability to thrive in the harshest conditions, rising to the top of the food chain in whichever prison he was thrown in. And T-Bag knew why.

“Did you learn it or was it ingrained in you? It was ingrained in you, son. You got it from me.”

This quote echoes Michael’s pride in Mike Jr.’s ability to hide codes in the simplest of things, even his drawings. The young boy was creating treasure hunts with his friends, bringing an imaginary tear to this proud viewer’s eyes. We see continuous signs of Mike Jr.’s intelligence, knowing something was up with his ‘mom’ even though Jacob refused to tell him. His awareness at telling Michael to run, that it wasn’t Sara in the other room, speaks to his level of intelligence, and opens up a new wave of possibilities for his future. If they get that far.

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Jacob’s obvious discomfort at the level of Mike Jr.’s intelligence made me think of a man scared to be outdone by others. This deep cover CIA intelligence operative works because he is able to outthink others, as he mentions to Michael. But knowing Prison Break, Michael will outsmart him in the end, and won’t that be a beauty to watch? The man is grasping at straws to keep his life and cover intact, when by entrapping Michael Scofield in the first place, he had already sealed his fate. Things are beginning to fall for Jacob, and we find out that A&W and Van Gogh were only told that Kaniel Outis was a terrorist. Michael’s recruitment is a secret only between himself and Jacob. His underlings are already beginning to doubt him, and we see the seeds of doubt planted by Kellerman begin to sprout and flourish.

What the show is still failing to give me is a coherent scene with all the old players in it, working with and off each other. C-Note, Sucre and T-Bag were all sorely underused and their colourful characters glossed over with only a few scenes per episode. So far, we’ve gotten scraps of the old gang, but never a full reunion. Hardcore fans might note the Abruzzi connection however, and the throwaway mention of Sofia and the explanation of her disappearance, which led to Lincoln’s new flame (of course).

The ominous blood spray at the end of the episode without a clear shot of the victim was an obvious distraction. It is unlikely that Michael is dead, seeing as he’s the main character and in the preview for the finale. How a scared Michael and injured Lincoln took down A&W though, would be a thing to see. With one episode left to go, I both want to find out how Michael wins and yet never want to if it means I can have this show for a little while more. What about you?

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Things to consider:

  • Was anybody truly surprised that Lincoln kissed Sheba? Anybody? At all? If you were, you owe me ten bucks.
  • How did Jacob manage to intercept all of Michael’s messages? That is one dedicated man, collecting mail for those many years. Also, wouldn’t it be a matter of time that Sara noticed the growing stack of origami in her drainage pipes? That’s some serious hygiene issue.

Favourite scene: Michael’s first meeting with Mike Jr. was great. Michael was so scared that his son wouldn’t recognise him but his son came to him without any hesitation at all. Mike turned his back on Jacob and helped Michael instantly, warning him of the danger within. Watching Michael protect Mike without any hesitation went straight for my heart. This was his son, that he’d been thinking about for the past few years, whom he had been protecting unknowingly. The son that has been idolizing him. The terror on his face when he realised A&W might take that away from me was so visceral and I can’t wait to see what Michael does to her in the next episode.

Source: felicityqueen

Favourite line: “It’s what’s behind the eyes that counts, Professor.” The flashback of Jacob managing Michael showed how Jacob kept Michael under his thumb, or rather kept trying to. As we could tell, Michael was always considering ways to out-manoeuvre him. The constant reassertion of Jacob’s power over Michael was countered by Michael’s calm demeanor and obviously superior intelligence, and it was satisfying to watch.

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This writer will be reviewing Prison Break Season 5 in its entirety. Comments or theories are welcome.

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