[TV Review] Prison Break: Wine Dark Sea

Warning: spoilers ahead

The pretences fade away and all is revealed. Now the audience is truly in the know. Jacob has been confirmed by Michael himself to be Poseidon and we learn that Poseidon turned his back on Michael in order to keep Sara for himself. What was originally a ploy just to keep Sara close and for leverage against Michael, turned into love. Ew.

In a continuation of the Odyssey trope, our brave heroes barter for safe passage on the boat Sucre is working on back to the United States. Sounds a bit farfetched but hey, anything to bring our Fox River boys back together again and run with the theme. Mike even has a voice over about how Greek heroes are real, but they get hurt, because they’re fallible. Which is what Michael sometimes fails to grasp, that plans fail. And of course, they sail to Greece.

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Sucre’s familiarity with Michael has Whip feeling on the outs again, now that Ja has elected to stay in Phaeacia, where he feels free. Whip’s honest confession to Michael that he is feeling neglected with his real brother here however, is instantly negated by Lincoln’s declaration that he’s family now. One thing the brothers always had was loyalty, and they continue to demonstrate it throughout the season without fail. Which is something Poseidon and his gang are sorely lacking, seeing as A&W shot their inside man point blank without even blinking.

I’m not expert in psychology (my only experience is 12 seasons of Criminal Minds) but Jacob seems to be displaying psychopathic tendencies. They are often characterized as meticulous planners perfectly capable of functioning and passing as the normative in society. They are capable of having families but they feel no guilt over their actions. It also seems like Poseidon’s minions are unaware of his true intentions for getting rid of Michael. He never refers to him as Michael, only Outis, almost separating himself emotionally from his true motive. Now, Jacob’s perceived ‘love’ for Sara seems manipulative and he expects her to love him back because of his magnanimous forgiveness for her past actions and his acceptance of her as she is. Which makes no sense because you don’t love someone expecting something in return. Furthermore, the kiss that he gives her after she comes back is possessive and vastly different from the tender kiss Michael and Sara shared just before she has to leave him. Again, ew.

Nothing stands in the way of true love however. Sara transfuses her own blood to save Michael, literally giving her life force to him. I need a moment. And she gives up a priceless family heirloom in a heartbeat to secure him, Lincoln and Whip’s safe passage back to the States. I need another moment. She expects nothing in return from him, just for him to come home. Take lessons, Jacob.

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There is no uncertainty about where her loyalty lies. She doesn’t even blink at Michael’s insistence that Jacob is Poseidon and instantly denounces him. The years of marriage, the good times they shared, gone in a blink. Sara is a true savage who will do whatever she can for the people she love, and that is both a good and bad thing we’ll find out. Unfortunately, her worry for Mike and her safety goes against Michael’s advice to keep up pretenses and only to get out when it’s safe. She tries to escape that night of her return, only for Jacob to wise up, holding Mike hostage in order to secure Sara’s compliance.

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With the ship likely blown to bits and Sara being held against her will, it doesn’t look great for the good guys at this point. But we all know that Michael works best when he’s cornered and looking for any way out, because nothing is sacred anymore except their freedom. What concerns me is Mike’s speech about how Greek heroes get hurt and die. We might be looking at another possible casualty in the future. It seems unlikely that our main cast will bite the dust, which might be why our sympathy for Whip is being cultivated right now. But that’s just my theory. So much to do in so few episodes left, I’m ready for Michael to come home. Please let him come home.

Things to consider:

  • Prison Break seems to be actively considering touchy issues such as radicalism and race this season. Sucre’s emphasis on his Puerto Rican background rather than Mexican like his captain assumes echoes Ja’s scandalized reaction at being called Japanese rather than Korean. It’s a good lesson not to stereotype and not to generalize.
  • Lincoln has this deep seated guilt over not being a good enough brother to Michael, be it during his childhood or in the years leading up to Fox River. His little flare ups with Whip in the desert and over Michael’s health almost seems like they were warring for Best Brother Award. Now that Lincoln’s declared Whip family, let’s hope they stop trying to outdo each other from now on.
  • Was it only me who thought Sara’s friend, Heather, was totally on Poseidon’s side? Called that one wrong my bad.
  • How was Sucre going to get rich off sex dolls – excuse me, inflatables – again? Haven’t they been around for ages? I’m going to need more details, my man.
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Favourite scene: Let my shipper heart just revel in the happiness that is the gorgeousness of Sara finally seeing Michael in the flesh again. We all know he’s kept tabs on her during those few years, but for her, this would be the first time. She touches him like she can’t really believe he’s real, and he holds onto her, because he knows it’s real, but he can’t believe it’s finally happening either. They’re so star-crossed sometimes, it literally pains me. More than half the season in, and we are rewarded with this. It was worth it.

Favourite line:

Sucre: “You really are a wanted terrorist.”

Whip: “What did the hell did you think he was saying?”

Sucre: “I thought it was an analogy.”

My past few favourite lines of the episodes have been deep meaningful ones that really represented to me, the heart and soul of the series. This week instead, we have Sucre being his kind and naive self. Bless his heart. He thinks the world of Michael. Also, I laughed really really hard.

This writer will be reviewing Prison Break Season 5 in its entirety. Comments or theories are welcome.

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