[TV Review] Prison Break: Phaeacia

Warning: spoilers ahead

There’s less back and forth this episode, and we’re mainly focused on our Ogygia Four outrunning the ISIL maniacs. This episode felt a little bit like a filler one, taking our heroes just a few steps further closer to freedom, but interesting nonetheless.

The episode title continues with the Odyssey theme that was hinted at in the first episode. Phaeacia is the name of an island in Greek mythology, home to the Phaeacians, who are extraordinarily skilled in the arts of fishing, navigating, sailing etc. They are Odysseus’ last stop before returning home to Ithaca. Their ships were also said to be magically swift, and powered by thought alone. All these sound a little familiar to you?

We hope that this would be Michael and Lincoln’s last stop before they return home to safety. Omar, Sheba’s contact, had put them on to the location before dying in an ISIL attack and mentioned that they had boats for travel. Without maps or weapons, our brave four venture into the desert to seek out safety. The open landscape only offers unfamiliarity and danger, as they have no idea which direction to head in, nor do they have any cover to hide in when Cyclops follows them with a singular mission to kill them all. Ja turns out to be the one that leads them to safety, and shows the audience why Michael is so insistent on bringing him along.

Michael, expectedly, takes on the task of killing Cyclops on his own, engineered by a rigged game of chance. Even though Lincoln had helped him realise not everything can be accomplished alone, the lesson doesn’t seem to have sunk in yet. Michael does manage to defeat Cyclops and take his car, but gets stabbed and poisoned with antifreeze in retaliation. Because what else is there in the desert to do harm with, other than sand? Or rocks?

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Again, I felt like this was a bit of a filler episode. Much of it was spent travelling aimlessly throughout the desert, which I felt very strongly, because Michael always seemed to have a plan. But in this case, all he could do was hope to find the tracks. It is again Ja, who comes up with a solution to help Michael find them in Phaeacia. Hopefully, they will soon get to safety. I can’t wait until next episode, where we get the reunion that we have deserved for the past nine years. Soon, Michael will be back on homeground with his buddies (c’mon guys, it’s time for Sucre to come back now) and resources on hand to take the fight to Poseidon once and for all. Only three episodes to go, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Things to consider:

  • Kellerman’s superior instinctively trusting his replacement, Kishida, makes me want to hurl my shoe at the screen. It comes from a place where I simply can’t trust any government agency in the Prison Break universe because you know they’re out to get you somehow.
  • Why did Michael send that screencap to Blue Hawaii? Is it to prove his innocence? That pose with both his hands up showing off his tattoos was too deliberate; I suspect there’s something on his tattoos that he needs.
  • Not entirely sure that since the only doctor available to them is 300 miles across the desert, the only other option would be to call Sara and have her meet them on what I assume is a boat or a ship. Logically, that would seem like the more complicated route. But oh, for true love. TBC in next week’s episode (I can’t wait!).
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Favourite scene: Michael handing out the rocks and showing the audience at the end that he had no intention of letting the other three deal with Cyclops on their own. Again, it demonstrates Michael’s self-sacrifical attitude and the willingness to always take the burden upon his shoulder. He could have very well left it to Lincoln to do it, God knows, Lincoln’s been brawling since he was born. But I think he couldn’t knowingly put anybody else in danger again, and so, chose to do it himself. The show is telling us that he is still irrevocably, Michael Scofield.

Favourite line: “When Michael takes on the world, the world always loses.” I can’t think of a better way to sum up the entire series. The strength of Michael is that he never gives up, even when he’s cornered. He improvises on the fly, and that makes him even more dangerous, because he’s unpredictable.

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This writer will be reviewing Prison Break Season 5 in its entirety. Comments or theories are welcome.

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