[TV Review] Prison Break: Contingency

Warning: spoilers ahead

Guns. Check. Explosions. Check. Bloodthirsty rebels who are strangely smart at predicting our heroes’ moves. Check. Everything we need for a mini war flick right there in this episode. This week’s episode focused more on bringing Michael back into sync with Lincoln, rather than being a lone wolf operating on his own outdated-by-4-years plans. Doubt runs rampant amongst the two groups we’re keeping an eye on, both in Yemen and in America, and by the end of episode, the viewer is left feeling unsettled.

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After Lincoln’s shock and joy wears off, he, rightfully, demands an explanation from Michael about his absence and questionable decision-making. We find out that Michael was approached even before Sara’s incarceration, and that her incarceration was a direct result of Michael refusing to bend to Poseidon’s will. This is really concerning seeing that at this point, the audience is more or less convinced that Poseidon is Jacob, and he married the woman he supposedly threw into jail.  We also find out that Michael has been watching over his family from afar (I heard hearts shattering all over the globe). While we appreciate this rather lengthy exposition, it could come at a better time, Lincoln. Please act a little bit more like you guys are on the run from bloodthirsty rebels; there is time for family and to hug it out later.

Whip is understandably getting jealous about the brother he never knew Michael had. Although, I’m not sure what leg he has to stand on, seeing as we find out later that he never even knew Michael’s real name. Ja and Sid have mini existential crises over whether they should choose the method of their deaths or continue going on the run. Of course, Sid doesn’t really get a choice in the matter, as he is shot by Cyclops just as they almost got off scot free. But in true sacrificial fashion, this brave boy handcuffed himself to the rebel even as he was dying, hindering him from following his friends.

Back in America, T-Bag confronts Sara with photographic evidence that Jacob is a lying, evil scumbag. In true Sara fashion, she runs straight to get her son away from whoever might be trying to hurt them. Jacob spins her a tall story about how he used a computer hacker friend and her phone to track the assassins down, put a tracker in the money he gave them and led the police straight to them. By the way, nobody puts both a dude and a woman into the same lineup, like are you kidding me? He barely manages to convince her that he’s the good guy here, but judging by Sara’s cautious expression at the end, she’s still not so certain. Me, I’m old-fashioned, but I’ll believe he’s an evil son of a bitch until proven otherwise.

C-Note’s having some problems of his own, trying to secure a ride out of Yemen for himself, Sheba and gang, as well as the brothers. The rebels have taken the place and they resort to relying on a Christian pilot as desperate to get out as they are, and who is willing to steal and fly an old ass plane that looks nothing like the modern Boeings. He tries to wait as long as he can for the brothers, and they make it just in time to the airfield before Lincoln yells at them to take off and save the kids. And we are made to watch as our Ogygia Five Four run from the armies of ISIL bearing down upon them.

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Michael is holding up considerably well, seeing as his plan to break out Abu Ramal failed spectacularly (I think) and he and Whip were forced to spend 4 years inside. His constant refrain of “I can do this” speaks to his need to prove himself again, as the all-knowing, all-able master who is able to save them. Lincoln on the other hand, is in a better position now then he was post-Fox River escape. He is the one with the knowledge now that will aid them; Michael’s knowledge is outdated and useless. While we know from experience that Michael is always the one with a plan, the audience has reason to doubt now as we see a slowly fracturing Michael.

It isn’t until Lincoln reassures him that the burden is not solely his to bear, not always that he comes back to himself and readies himself to fight alongside to Lincoln. This is what should have happened from the beginning. It’s because Michael took it upon himself to protect them from Poseidon that he ended up in Ogygia.

“I’m sorry, Linc. I should have come to you. I should’ve asked for your help when Poseidon offered me the deal. I blew it. At the time, I thought if I dealt with it myself, the pain would only be mine. But instead I opened this Pandora’s box. I wanted to make it better, but I only made it worse for everyone.”

Hopefully, in future episodes, the brothers are able to work together better, as they each hold pieces of the puzzle that will help them escape Yemen. I much prefer this relationship to the one they had when they escaped Fox River. Michael was the only one calling the shots then. But Lincoln has a stake and a say in this plan now too. I think we’ll see Whip’s paranoia and jealousy grow and I do hope to see more of Ja’s ingenuity and quick thinking in situations where everybody else seems to take a more suicidal approach. Now that there are no more immediate escape routes, much more creative solutions will have to be adopted. To the North!

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Things to consider:

  • Lincoln’s ever readiness to fight (“Fighting is your default setting”) and Whip’s sharpening of sharp implements (“Then find something to fight with, you idiot.”) is very interesting. Does Michael knowingly surround himself with physical fighters (in the case of Whip) as he takes care of the intellectual stuff?
  • What is Whip’s purpose that Michael mentioned? It sounded almost ominous like he was going to sacrifice Whip when the time came.
  • It is very disturbing that the Ogygia team has ‘We Are The Champions’ as their informal theme song. They certainly do not look like champions as of now. But if the song gives Ja strength to keep fighting, by all means.
  • Again, nobody puts both a man and a woman into a police lineup at the same time; they look nothing alike!
  • Sara introduced herself as Sara Scofield everyone! She never took Jacob’s name! Oh my heart, be still and calm.
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Favourite scene: Sara defending Michael and her theory about Jacob to her best friend, Heather (whom I suspect of shady things as well). Heather, while playing the logician, puts forth credible theories about Jacob’s behaviour in a bid to calm Sara down. While logical, we all know in Prison Break, there’s always more that meets the eye. Her saying Michael is alive is all that matters hit me in the gut, because with that, we know that Sara will toss Jacob aside like he means nothing in order to get to Michael.

Favourite line: “Your plans affect people, you don’t even see it. I don’t blame you for resenting me. You’re damn right I resent you. I see it, Linc. I see it. Every second of every day, the people, the collateral damage, the lives I’ve affected. But I can’t start thinking about that. Because if I do, then it all falls apart and none of us get to go home. I have to stay focused, be the man with the plan. Just like Fox River.”

This reminds me of the game theory that Jacob detailed a few episodes ago, but turns it on itself. Michael knows full well the consequence of winning and does it anyway. But it weighs upon him and his conscience, and he will have to live with the knowledge forever, that his actions, right from the beginning in the bank, have affected many lives over the years. So you’re wrong Jacob, Michael might want to win at any cost, but he will suffer for it. And if you’re Poseidon, then that makes him better than you.

This writer will be reviewing Prison Break Season 5 in its entirety. Comments or theories are welcome. This writer is also unapologetic over her biasness towards Michael Scofield and against Jacob Ness.

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