[TV Review] Prison Break: The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Warning: major spoilers ahead

And then we have it. Our favourite mastermind is finally out of that sandy hellhole they call a prison. It may have taken us four episodes and a lot of heartache but we got there in the end. As our Ogygia crew takes Ramal along on their escape, as we expected they would, T-Bag gets closer to the truth back in safe and quiet America. And the truth is that we know nothing at all.

Honestly, Michael’s escape was not one of his best. It was hastily thought out and succeeded out of sheer luck rather than a carefully thought out strategy. But live and let live. The situation gets more desperate as our heroes, trapped in various parts of Yemen, and can only watch as ISIL fighters draw closer and closer. C-Note is probably the only rational headed person left in this team at the moment, but Lincoln refuses to leave without Michael.

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Total anarchy erupts in the prison and the prison guards abandoning their posts forces Ramal to work together with our Ogygia crew to break out in order to avoid the angry mob. Michael’s plan to have Ja split off and get their weapons backfired in an astounding way. Again, probably not well thought out at all. But kudos to Michael for getting out in the first place, considering that he was stuck inside without his initial resources for four years. Whatever the issue, we end up with Ramal dead and our heroes on the run from the ISIL army.

While Michael was breaking out, Lincoln was hilariously behind in keeping up. Much cardio exercise was done in this episode as Lincoln ran around looking for the keys to the prison, only to get in, and witness Michael leaping off the roof. But he gets there in the end, in the nick of time to save Michael from Ramal’s knife. Lincoln and Michael’s reunion was a 100 on a satisfaction scale of 10. It’s been a long awaited hug, my friends, almost four episodes eight years. This brotherly relationship was the entire reason for this television show. Having it be reinstated was beautiful to watch. Our brothers would do anything for each other, and this trope would be heightened now, in the middle of war torn Yemen. God knows what they’ll get up to. And now that we have our main players free from the confines of the prison, things should be getting interesting. Which brings us to the topic of Poseidon.

Last episode introduced this shadowy figure to us, heavily hinting through Sara that it was Kellerman. Fans rioted. Why then did Kellerman exonerate the escapees at the cost of his own credibility? This question was posed to him by T-Bag, rightly so it seemed, as Kellerman turned out to be one of the good guys instead, providing T-Bag with intel on our big baddie. His redemption is short lived however, as we watched one of our longstanding characters be executed on Poseidon’s orders. That was greatly unexpected. While I never really liked Kellerman, I never expected that he would die either. He was the character you returned to for information on shadowy government dealings. Who’s going to be our inside source now?

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Thanks to T-Bag’s quick thinking and not so subtle stalker photography, we discover that Poseidon seems to be none other than – drumroll please – Jacob. I knew something was off on this guy! The cynic in me is wondering if it’s another misdirection on the show’s part (like the previous episode did with Kellerman), but it seems too big to be messing around with. If true though, the next episode is going to have some interesting shouting matches once T-Bag and Sara have a little tête-à-tête with this new piece of information. Let the sparks fly, Sara.

All in all, the episode was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. Now that more pieces are on the chessboard, the two sides can begin playing for real. And with only half the season left, things are about to get really interesting, and possibly, quite deadly for anybody on Michael’s side.

Things to consider:

  • Why does Lincoln always end up with the token female character honestly? Hasn’t this happened every season for the past few seasons already. I saw this coming from a mile away.
  • Kellerman was executed off camera though. Will he come back? Thoughts?
  • Was the Game Theory that Jacob was expounding on in the previous few episodes really applicable to himself? Did he honestly marry Sara so that he could have her and little Mike close enough as leverage against Michael? Because that’s horrifying and he’s obviously believable because Sara has no idea that he’s taking her along for the ride. Or did he really fall in love with her along the way? This whole Poseidon thing would explain why A&W, who was usually so accurate, would only wound him in the thigh during the home invasion though.
  • The extent of Michael’s long term planning is mildly terrifying. “A string a day from my uniform for four years”, does that scare anyone? We think of solutions one step at a time but Michael plans his ten steps ahead, and has three concurrent plans at the same time. No wonder people want to recruit him and use him for evil. He’s basically Tony Stark on crack.
  • With Lincoln’s return, will Whip, in his presumed position as Michael’s ‘brother’, feel threatened and do something about it? His expression when Michael hugged Lincoln wasn’t exactly incandescent.
  • How does Michael know about little Mike? Does Poseidon tempt and taunt him with updates on his family because that’s cruel?
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Favourite scene: Do I even have to say it? They made us wait 4 weeks for this reunion scene and it was so worth it. There was an interesting parallel drawn to that first reunion scene we get in Season 1, where the choreography of the hug is almost identical. I felt this was more poignant thought because Lincoln thought that Michael was dead for 7 years, and Michael has had to live knowing that all this time. He says it best in the beginning, “I’ve been a slave for the last seven years […]” and he literally has. Being able to reclaim something from his past, his brother who has been there all this time, knowing that his brother dropped everything to come get him, made this scene the best thing I’ve seen in weeks, and healed my soul.

Favourite line: “There’s a time for everything. 911? I need help. Now.” I screamed with actual laughter at this scene. T-Bag’s self awareness was ridiculously nonchalant. He, a notorious murderer, paedophile, rapist, escapee, convict, dialling an emergency number for help. Knepper’s deadpan delivery of this was on point. My question though is why did he dial the police if he could unscrew the window? Was it just so they would leave and he could follow them? Cause that’s some high level strategy right there.

This writer will be reviewing Prison Break Season 5 in its entirety. Comments or theories are welcome.

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