[Film Review] Logan

So I’m writing this review fresh from my second viewing of Logan, and let me tell you, the emotional burden does not get any better with repeated watches.

Logan is the Wolverine movie we deserved. I’m going to say that up front because I went in without expectations and somehow the movie managed to blow me away anyway. I had high hopes for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (XMO:W) with the star-studded cast they boasted but was disappointed. I was actually let down just halfway into The WolverineLogan did no such thing.

The script was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. A friend, whom I’d caught the movie with, did mention that there was a lack of levity in between the exciting scenes, but I felt that it gave us insight into Logan’s life: always stressed, always worrying about Charles, or the money, or how to get away from the authorities. We were experiencing the film alongside the titular character, and that made the experience richer for me.

Speaking of which, the characters were well developed – both the characters we were familiar with, as well as the new additions. We were introduced to Laura slowly and steadily, keeping our interest piqued until she reveals herself fully by decimating the group of Reavers holding her, Logan and Charles hostage. My first thought was, ‘holy shit’ and my second was, ‘I want to adopt this murderous child.’

Source: ltfrankcastle

The details about Logan, Charles, and Caliban’s living situation are not given to us upfront, which draws out the anticipation for the situation that was dire enough to land our beloved mutants in isolation and hiding. Patrick Stewart, who is rumoured to have played his last role as Professor Charles Xavier, gave a stunning performance, alternating between the Prof X that we knew of old as well as Charles, a man who has lost almost everything and is searching for redemption. His chemistry with Hugh Jackman especially shone through, considering that they were playing mostly off each other rather than the ten other mutants usually involved in the other X-Men movies. And it made me sad that we had to wait until now to see this dynamic, in their last X-Men film together.

I came out of the theatre feeling a sense of closure to the Logan story that began with X-Men. I’ve heard gripes that people wanted to see more of the young mutants (that I suspect might make up the future X-Force) but in my opinion, the focus was perfect. What it boiled down to was Logan struggling with his own personal demons, personified by the people surrounding him. He grew during the course of the movie to accept Laura as his own and protect her as fiercely as he did the children in X2.

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Overall, this movie has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for a reason. 10/10 would recommend for you to go watch this film, but the emotions after?

Not. Okay.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Things to consider:

Warning: spoilers ahead of this point

  • Was it just me, or did the storyline of the film did draw some very close parallels with the script of XMO:W? (e.g. creation of a new weapon, the rescuing of kids etc.)
  • How did the Adamantium bullet that merely erased Logan’s memories in XMO:W blow X-24’s brains out in the climax battle of Logan?
  • It is after the children had cut Logan’s hair (a massive throwback to his Wolverine days) that we see him taking on the mantle again, sacrificing himself to save his fellow mutants and standing up to dickheads. (I cry)

Favourite scene: That strangely domestic scene where Laura first begins speaking to Logan and the hilarity that is the ‘You speak? You speak English?’ begins.

What I had wanted to see: That deleted Jean Grey scene. It had better be on the Blu-Ray so help me God.

Random fact: Someone on Facebook? Tumblr? asked fans to consider the fact that a villain named Donald was chasing a little half-Mexican girl as well as mutants (people who were different) halfway across America in order to keep them from crossing the [Canadian] border. Interesting thought.

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